Monday, November 24, 2008

Random thoughts

I SO hope you can see the Michigan player laying on the ground with dirt being kicked in his face because this is indicative of what the Buckeyes did to the pathetic Wolverines on Saturday.  That foot you see kicking the dirt is Beanie's....   The first half was "interesting" only because I think TP was trying a little too hard and needed to settle down (which he did beautifully in the second half) but the second half belonged to the Buckeyes.  

With the Penn State win over MSU we share the Big Ten crown and now have to wait on our fate with the BCS.  Anything can happen, but I think our best shot is an Oregon win this weekend over Oregon State.  It's a longshot, but it's our best shot.  GO DUCKS!!!

I also think that this was Beanie's swan song in the horseshoe.  He left with a sore hamstring (which will be fully healed by the time the bowl game rolls around) which is sad, but he still burned Fichigan for a 50yd touchdown run.  NICE!!  I'll miss you Beanie, but I understand if you leave for the $$$.  I would too!

So, I watch this weekend's games with a little interest.  The BCS is a clusterf*ck that dearly needs to be fixed and I, for one, would love to see a playoff.  I don't buy the college president's's all about the almighty $$.  Fix it.

So, Mr. B and I are staying home ALONE this week for Thanksgiving.  In all of my 45 years, this is the first time I won't be having a family T-giving dinnner.  I just found out that Mr. B (inadvertently, I think, told the 'rents that we were staying home and that he didn't want to travel)  He had spent the past year and a half traveling back and forth between MI and AL, so I think on some level he meant that he wanted to stay home, but I also know that he would have gone to FL for T-giving.  Sorry, but next year he'll have to suck it up....I'm not happy about not being with the 'rents!!  I'm just sayin!

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