Thursday, November 6, 2008

Let's talk some FOOTBALL

Enough of all this food shizzle....let's talk some football.  Seems like it's been forevah.  With the Bucks off last weekend, I didn't have much to discuss....especially after the loss to PSU.  There were a couple of good games last weekend though....did you see the finish of that Texas-Texas Tech game???  And Mr. B's team lost a heartbreaker in FOUR overtimes.  Poor Notre Dame.

So let's get to this week.  The Buckeyes travel to Northwestern for what used to be a walkover....but no more.  We should win this one but we haven't historically been stellar after a bye week.  Hopefully the Senator will have them ready to go.

Then we have the big game of the day....Bama travels to LSU for Satan's...oops Saban's return to Baton Rouge.  Think things will be hostile there Saturday night???  Especially after Mr. Miles called Mr. Saban "the devil".  Oops.  The Bama faithful think this will be a so sure.

After Texas Tech's big win last weekend, do they have what it takes to beat Oklahoma State this week?  I kind of doubt it.

And then there's Penn State.  Poor Penn State.  JoePa's gonna win out and then be able to sit back and watch two one-loss teams play in the National Championship.  Gonna suck, but that's what I see happening....all because of Ohio State.

Enjoy your football Saturday....hope your team wins (well, maybe not!!)

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