Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just a Thought

Because I've been married to Mr. B for the past 20 years I've been exposed to the inner workings of the auto industry (he's no longer in the business, but was for over 25 years and I also worked for Honda for 10 years).......during the "profitable" years and during the downturn.  I am, by no means, and expert, but I did live in Detroit and watched how the CEO's of the Big Three operate vs. how the CEO's of Honda/Toyota operated and formed a few opinions over the years....namely regarding a culture of "excess" vs a culture of "lean".

I have been reading the reports of the Big Three's request for a Congressional bailout with interest, but a little snippet in one of today's articles REALLY struck me.

All three CEO's from GM, Chrysler and Ford each travelled to Washington today SEPARATELY, each on their own PRIVATE JET....probably all taking off from the same airport at the same time!!!  Dudes.....seriously??? think giving them more money is going to help??  I just don't think they "get it."

The first thing Mr. B does whenever he takes over a company is SELL THE JET.

I'm just sayin......

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