Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Things I'm Loving Today...

.....that I found a new Pilates instructor and I can't wait to try her out.  It's been two years and two weeks since my old one moved to New Mexico (can you tell I was traumatized?)  and my body has not been the same since!  I took a private lesson three days a week for two years and I don't think I ever felt better than during that time, so to say I'm excited about getting back into it is an understatement.  I'll keep you posted!

.....Mike Singletary.  How refreshing.....making employees accountable.....new concept to athletes.

.....my new Kindle (even though I'm having a little trouble with it).  It's been a long time since I've jumped on an Oprah bandwagon, but I think she's on to something here.  I've seen this little gadget on Amazon for months, but never took a really close look until I was watching Oprah last week and she went on and on and on and on....as only Oprah can do when she finds something she loves.  I've got to agree with her on this one.  It's an electronic reader, but it's better than anyone I've seen before and way cool.  This will do for my book/newspaper/magazine clutter what the ipod did for my cd clutter.....eliminate it.  And that excites me as anyone who knows  me, knows that I kind of enjoy my books and magazines.  A lot.  Which brings me to another thing I'm loving....

.....Librarything.com to inventory all of my books.  You all know about my wine issues.  Well, the book problem is worse (but not quite as intoxicating...hahahaha).  I have NO idea how many I have, but they're all over my house, so I've decided to at least inventory them so I know what I have (and get rid of what I've read or don't want) and librarything.com is the easiest place to do this.  If you like to know what you have (and also read real reader's reviews) this is the place for your.  I've tried other on-line sites like this one, but I think this is the best.  My plan is to get them all inventoried and then delete them as I read them until I no longer have any books in my house!!  They'll all be on my Kindle.  :)

.....my "Life is Good" snuggle socks.  The weather has finally cooled off in Bama, and I HATE cold feet.  These awesome socks/slippers keep my feet warm and snuggly.  Love them.

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