Monday, October 6, 2008

Rhode Island in the Fall

We made our way to Providence on Sunday, but not without incident.....mine.  As we got ready to leave the Michigan house on Sunday morning, I did my usual pre-flight check to make sure I had everything....all my bags, computer stuff, boarding passes, driver's license.....uh, wait....where's my damn driver's license.  It was not in my billfold.  AAAHHHH.  It was not anywhere to be found.  The only thing I can figure is that I put it down after I went through security in Birmingham and forgot to pick it back up.  

I was positive I would not be able to get on the flight in Detroit, but we called Northwest and they said, "oh sure, no problem....she'll have to go through extra security, but it's no big deal"????  huh????  I thought we had really tight security in this country now.  Now granted, I don't exactly fit the Osama profile, but I was still a bit surprised.

All it took was Mr. B vouching for my identity and the extra cavity search security line and I was through.  Holla!  Carly overnighted my passport today, so I should have no problems on the way home.  I'm not overly thrilled about going to the B'ham license bureau when I get back, however.

So....on to the fun stuff.  Our house is about 45 minutes South of Providence in Portsmouth, RI at the Carnegie Abbey Club.  It's basically just a really swanky New England Country Club with fabulous water views and some gorgeous homes.

This one is ours for the week.....

This is another one on the property....I love the Cape Cod architecture..

This little structure is the only thing that I can't figure out.  In the middle of this beautiful property they've erected this giant monstrosity.  Now anywhere else, I'm sure it would be beautiful, but it just doesn't blend with it's surroundings.  It's not finished yet....and Im sure it's going to be beautiful....but, I'm just sayin...

I'll create a photo album for the entire trip, so if you're interested in more pictures of the trip, check out the photo gallery.

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