Saturday, October 11, 2008

Random thoughts

Well....the Buckeyes recorded the victory, but it sure wasn't pretty.  Mr. Pryor needs to learn to get rid of the ball when he's in trouble and to quit hesitating.  We have to find some offense SOON.  We are on the road at MSU next weekend, and if we don't fix some things, we're in trouble.

Congrats to Sly Croom and Miss. St. for taking out Vandy....I know he's enjoying some ribs and tater salad right about now.

The Texas/Oklahoma game was probably the most exciting of the day so far....not much defense on either side, but....

I missed the call on the Michigan State and Northwestern game....we've got our work cut out for us next weekend in East Lansing.

I think these three remaining games this evening will have a huge impact on the rankings tomorrow.  Some decisive wins by LSU, Missouri, or Penn State could really shake things up.  Gonna be fun.

I love college football!!!

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