Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gameday....and it's a packed one!

It's Red River Shootout!!  #1 vs. #5

Image:TX OU Red River Shootout in Cotton Bowl seen from fair grounds - with arrow showing 50 yard line.JPG

Boomer Sooner!!  I'm taking Oklahoma in this one.  

The Oklahoma vs. Texas game is just the beginning of a jam-packed day of football. My bags are all packed to go home and I'm done being a tourist, so I'm parking my patootie in front of the TV today!  

Today's picks

North Carolina vs. Notre Dame (in the minor upset)
Ohio State vs. Purdue (this one shouldn't be close....I said shouldn't)
Arizona St. vs. USC
Northwestern vs. Michigan State
Florida vs. LSU (I'd be happiest if they'd both lose, but since that's not possible, I think Florida takes this one)
Tennessee vs. Georgia (FF Phillip Fulmer loses another one)
Penn State vs. Wisconsin (I need PSU to win this one, so when they come to the Shoe in a couple of weeks we can take down a top five team!!)
Oklahoma St vs. Missouri (This is my "out on the ledge" upset pick!!)

And for my buddy, Luke

Miss St. vs. Vanderbilt (Sylvester finds some offense and knocks Vandy off the top of the SEC East)

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