Tuesday, September 16, 2008


A few years ago, I lost about 40 pounds.   I had to work REALLY hard to do it too,(running 3-5 miles, six days a week) so I swore I'd never allow myself to gain it back.  Well, sometimes when you're not paying attention, things sneak up on you.  Don't be alarmed.....I haven't gained it ALL back....just 10 pounds, but damn things won't go away.  I'll admit that I have been a slacker recently when it comes to the running (I'm down to 2-3 miles, about twice a week.....in a good week).  I walk every day.....but don't run.  SO...I started running again today....and the only reason that you need to know about this is that I figure if I put it in writing....ON THE INTERNET.....that my guilty conscience will take over the rest of my body and get me into the gym everyday.  Therefore, feel free to electronically poke me periodically just to keep me honest....please....very few things in my closet are comfortable!!

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  1. This is great news! Please run down to the house and put the kitchen tv on the cartoon channel for Elmer so he can watch Tom & Jerry