Sunday, September 7, 2008

NYC Family Time

It's been a fabulous week in NYC.....great weather (except yesterday), great food (I'll be spending next week on the treadmill) great wine (always!) and great fun with the family......

Brother and sister.....acting like brother and sister!

Dinner at Milo's Saturday night....another new restaurant that we'll go back to....

my handsome nephew and his beautiful bride.....

So, I think everyone has had a great time.  The weather yesterday put a crimp in Zach and Ashley's US Open plans.  They got to see the Federer-Djokovic match, but the rain pushed the men's final, which they had tickets to, back to Monday at 5:00pm, so unfortunately they're not going to get to see it.  The good news is that Zach has loved the city and wants to come back!!  Yeah.

We have a free day today and the weather is beautiful, so we're going to do some sightseeing with the kids and enjoy our last day!

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