Sunday, September 14, 2008

At least the humiliation is over early

The good news is that we don't have to wait until January this year for our annual dose of "let's humiliate our fans".  Got it out of the way in September (although I see it happening more than once this season).

I went to bed in the third quarter when it was 35-3.  Thank you, Pete, for putting in your third stringers and not making it any worse.  You easily could have.

The only other comment I have is that Tress needs to move on to the future and bench Boeckman and insert Pryor.  He was the only bright spot the whole night.  


I was happy for EB that I was wrong about Notre Dame.  Although I tend to think they'll still struggle this year, they did what needed to be done to beat Michigan (which we probably won't do)

Best hit of the game by an Irish was delivered to Charlie Weis!  That was brutal and he never saw it coming.


Auburn 3, Miss. St. 2.........hmmmmmm

and that's all I'm gonna say!!


  1. Auburn vs. Miss St was so boring I fell asleep in the 2nd quarter while we were at a football party. Alabama may have a decent year for once and good for Notre Dame - it's about time!!

  2. Tooooo bad for our Buckeye Nation!!!.... strickley out of their league in this one, even with a Beaney W. playing. #17 is one big black and blue spot today I bet! Let's see how they respond against the Badgers. Lot of ball left in this season but Oklahoma looks pretty good also. Pop

  3. 2 mules fighting over a turnip on the RFD channel was much more entertaining.