Wednesday, August 20, 2008


As I was perusing my normal internet sites this morning, I stopped off at and checked into what new books will be coming out this Fall and became quite excited! Some of my favorite authors have been busy!! I am most excited about the new Nelson DeMille, "The Gate House" which is a sequal of sorts to one of my all time favorite books "The Gold Coast"....which contains some of the most interesting characters ever.....and I do mean "characters"!! Since this doesn't come out until October 28th, I may have to hunt up my copy of "The Gold Coast" and re-read's been awhile!!

Some of the other ones that excited me were:

"Fade Away", by Harlan Coban......he's bringing back Myron Bolitar for this one!! Love him.
"Hot Mohogany", by Stuart Woods.....another Stone Barrington mystery.....guilty pleasure
"The Other Queen", by Philipa Gregory (The Other Boleyn Girl) about Mary, Queen of Scots....I always love taking a trip back in
time with Philipa
"Giada's Kitchen: New Italian Favorites", by Giada De her Food Network show

Looks like it's going to be a great Fall to curl up with a good read!!


The USOpen starts Monday and there are so many interesting story lines going into this year......will R-Fed Nadal worn out........who is this Juan Martin del Potro that has won the last four tournaments (granted, most of the top players were at the Olympics, but..)......who's going to step up for the women (I'm predicting Dinara Safina).....are the American's ever going to have another champion?????

Those are just some of the things I'm wondering about, but I am excited about the last major of the year.  Plus, I get to go the second week and I'm really looking forward to that.....a week in New York with friends and family....even Ed!!


ESPN Sportsnation Poll Question today is "Which team is in better shape right now to win the September 13th showdown?"  Ohio State or USC.....and as of right now, 62% of America says the Buckeyes.  Maybe we aren't as hated as we thought.....or everyone has heard about the rampant case of jock itch that has afflicted the Trojans?????  Hopefully, we'll catch them scratching!!! week and one day until next Thursday night's college football kickoff.  Will the Gameday crew be making an appearance?  I don't think I can wait until next Saturday for my Kirk Herbstreit fix!!!

And as much as this pains me to say......look out for Auburn this year.  No one is really talking about them and other than going on the road to West Virginia (at night) and to Tuscaloosa, their schedule looks good....LSU, Georgia, Tennessee and Arkansas in Jordan Hare.  They have a very good shot at winning the West.  Man it hurt to type that.


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