Sunday, December 17, 2017

Good Riddance 2017

Anyone else ready to put a bow on 2017 and kick it to the curb??  Fucking exhausting, right?  And I live in Alabama so you can just imagine the last few months around here. (We did get that shit right, however.....thank you black women voters!!)

On top of the political shitstorm that was this year, it's not been so fabulous on a personal level either.  I got the slow-burn dump from my closest group of girlfriends this year.  THAT was pretty soul crushing.  The only explanation being that I'm apparently not a big enough Kenny Chesney fan.  I know!  At least woman up enough to have an adult conversation......believe me I asked.  Moving on.

That on top of two jaw surgeries in October.....beware of a simple crown on a cracked tooth that results in lockjaw that leads to some damn painful surgery and rehab.  Ugh.

I also subjected myself to this.....

Eeeek!!  That was three weeks ago and it's already MUCH better.  I might be ready to show some after pics in a month or so when the swelling is not as scary!

So that's the not so pleasant of 2017.  Let's review the good shit, shall we??

We travelled.....

A couple of fun weekend trips to Nashville

To Abaco in February

The Big Apple in June

And to our happly place, Colorado, for the month of July

But the best thing to happen this year was this....

Meet Callan Elizabeth Ansley who turned two months old on Saturday.  She's my great niece and I can't wait to watch her grow up!

And some end of the year lists, because I love them!

Hopeful images from around the world.

The most hilarious wildlife photos of 2017  Ha!

The Jealousy List.....all the stories Bloomberg wished they'd authored!

The best Longreads of 2017

New York Times 2017 in review

The 30 best Southern Albums of 2017 according to The Bitter Southerner

My favorite songs of 2017

Here's to brighter things in nieces have pledged to help me resurrect this cadaver of a blog so you'll get the perspective of a 50+ year old, a 30 year old, and a new mother.  That should make things interesting!  Plus, we got some exciting trips planned starting in January.

Happy New Year, y'all.

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