Thursday, May 18, 2017


Do you listen to any podcasts?  I've really become hooked.  I'm like a lot of other people that got started when Serial became the big sensation a few years ago.  I then delved into sports related ones.....specifically college football.....and it's kind of grown from there.  I find it a great way to get through a workout, pass time in the car or listen to while I'm cooking.

Here are my favorites....

My walk with Fletch always starts with....

This is all things Ohio State....90% football but they do occasionally have basketball commentary.  There would probably be more if the bball bucks were any good.  In the off-season this is all about football recruiting.  It's called the Morning 5 because it's supposed to be a 5 minute podcast that usually lasts 12-15.

From the NYTimes and hosted by Michael Barbaro (I love his voice) and it delves a little deeper into the main headline of the day.  Now lately, yes, it's been all Trump, because duh.....but when the news cycle slows down, I find it educational in areas I didn't really know much about, i.e. they explained the crisis in Venezuela in detail, dumbed down the big hacking issue from last weekend, did a background story on Uber CEO Travis Kalanik, etc.  So when Trump isn't dominating the headlines it gets more interesting.  It is a great 20 minute listen and I feel a little more informed.

This is another "what's in the headlines" podcast that just hits on the highlights in politics, sports, entertainment, etc.  It's 5 minutes and will allow you to at least nod like you know what's going on at the water cooler in the morning.

NPR's version of the big stories of the day from politics to pop culture in 10-12 minutes.

Weekly or bi-weekly Political....

These are all from the newly formed (after November 8....) Crooked Media Group.  They've taken over the podcasting world and if you didn't vote for Trump, you've heard of them......they're former Obama speech writers and staffers.  So, yeah.  Look, I'm sure Fox News has something you'd like if these offend your sensibilities.

This is my favorite of the group.  It drops on Saturday and is recorded in a live setting and the guests are usually comedians so it's pretty hilarious.  They sometimes venture down a rabbit hole, which can be a tad annoying but it makes an hour walking fly by.  Hosted by Jon Lovett (not the one from A League of Their Own) who was, yes, a speechwriter for Obama and Hillary, but is also a Hollywood producer and screenwriter who produced the show The Newsroom (a favorite) and created 1600 Penn.

Weekly podcast hosted by Ana Marie Cox, political columnist and culture critic, with liberals and conservatives.  So there!  It's an in-depth conversation with a new guest every week about what divides us....and not arguing.  

Hosted by Tommy Vietor, a foreign policy wonk under Obama who also sat on his National Security Council.  I've learned more about world politics here than any other place.  

Bi-weekly with Jon Favreau, Tommy Vietor, Jon Lovett and Dan Pfeiffer.....don't even consider this one if youre a Trumpster.

Other political 'casts....

From The New Yorker magazine.  This is just a reading of the comment section from that week's publication.

Also from The New Yorker......a 20 minute political discussion.

And YES, I do listen to some fun shit too.....

From my favorite magazine, Garden & Gun, this dropped a few weeks ago and I've only listened to one episode....the last one about the S-Town podcast.  Totally enjoyable weekly.

The decades old, award winning show hosted by Terry Gross.  I don't listen to them all but when she's interviewing someone that intrigues me, I'll download it.  If you're looking for a place to start, three decades of producers on the show pick their favorite episodes.

NPR's weekly podcast of all things pop culture.  I pick and choose my episodes.

THE most downloaded podcast of all time.  It's about a "Shit Town" in Alabama that starts in one place and ends someplace completely different.  It's 8 episodes and I listened to it in two days!

I've never missed a season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette and Reality Steve has all the dirt.  Alert....he also has spoilers and it drives my friends crazy because I always know who "wins" before the first episode airs.  I like to watch knowing who gets picked!  Which surprises even me because I've never been the girl to read the last chapter of a book first.  And since the new Bachelorette season starts next week.....

I've always loved a good Katie Couric interview....start with the Ina Garten episode!

All things Real Housewives.  Love it.

All things Bravo TV.  I don't watch ALL Bravo shows, but most of them and this dishes on the shows and often times has interviews with the "talent."

And last, but certainly the most important....FOOTBALL

I listen to AT LEAST one of these every day from fall camp to national signing day and in the off-season if something scandalous is going on.   Total junky.

This is usually Ivan Maisel, Adam Rittenberg, and Heather Dinich from ESPN....good insight to the playoff committee's inner workings.

Hosted by Spencer Hall of SBNation....these guys get a little silly sometimes.

Independent podcast hosted by Ty Hildenbrandt and Dan Rubenstein.....other tha Ohio State pods, this is a favorite.

From Eleven Warriors, which IMHO, is the best blog on the interwebs for all things Buckeye.

From another OSU blog, Land of 10.

So there you have it.......what are your favorite podcasts?

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