Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hallifax, Nova Scotia

We opted to make our wal back to Alabama via a 36 hour stopover in Hallifax.   We stayed at the Prince George Hotel downtown.  Very nice hotel....the concierge was a bit of a turd, but no biggie.  It's a great location, nice beds, fun bar where I was taught the intricacies of Canadian football.  

We were tired, hungry, craving some BEEF so we walked the block and a half to Barrington Steak House and Oyster Bar.  Highly recommend.  The best oysters we had on the entire trip, 

POUTINE and a perfectly grilled steak.  

We woke up to cold, wind and for the first time on the whole trip, RAIN.  Pouring rain.  Samson was our tour guide and he did the best he could given the conditions.    He also gave up Thanksgiving morning with his family to show us around.  He was great.  We didn't have much opportunity to get out of the car so the pics aren't the best but we hit all the highlights. ( This is the tour company Samson is with you're interested.)

The Citadel National Historic Site

Titanic Cemetery

A piece of the anchor of the boat that caused the Great Hallifax Explosion

The last part of the tour was a drive out to Peggy's Cove.  I think the rain was actually a blessing in this instance.  Apparrently, this is a huge tourist trap and the cove is SMALL so we didn't have to content with tons of people or large tour busses.  Quaint.

Those large tour buses heading to Peggy's Cove don't get to stop here for lobster, however.  They only serve to the locals and friends of the locals.  If they don't know you or your host, any empty table be suddenly become "reserved".  Amazing lobster!!  Thanks, Samson.

On the advice of our new Canadian friends, we made a reservation that night at The Bicycle Thief, an extremely busy restaurant in the Hallifax harbor area.  It was Thanksgiving and that place was PACKED.  Wish the weather would have been better so we could have walked around outside.  Maybe another time!

That's it people.  We were home the next afternoon.  One of our favorite trips ever!  

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  1. WOW! beautiful in fact mesmerizing pictures. You guys seem to enjoy every moment of your trip. Stay Blessed and have more wonderful trips together.