Sunday, January 17, 2016

Weekend stuff.......

I have the hardest time choosing wall art.....ugh....and for some reason, with this new house, I have this strange desire to only hang things to which I feel some connection.  Sooooo, I've been editing some of my favorite vacation photos and turning them into frameable images using this website.  I've been thrilled with the quality of the prints.  Now, to get them framed!!

We have six remaining days to use before March 1 for this year's Exclusive Resort contract and since ER has recently gotten more creative and partnered with some fabulous hotels, hubs and I are heading to New Orleans to celebrate his birthday and our anniversary.  Can you believe I've NEVER BEEN to NOLA?! We've already planned, along with the requisite city tour, a private food and beverage tour and a private mixology lesson!  {hiccup}  I'm also trying to pull bits and pieces from this NY Times guide, this Anthony Bourdain guide (because....ANTHONY!) and this Joy the Baker guide (because I love her and who better to get advice from than a resident?)  I'm open to y'all's thoughts, too.

We have a few more things planned for the middle of the year, but I'm also really excited about a trip to Newfoundland in October when we'll be staying here!  Talk about "getting away".

I'm not much of a boxing fan.....something about watching one get his face bludgeoned???.....but this story and the lack of proper regulating is just downright sad.  And why do I think this may be more to the norm?

The Australian Open starts this week (today?) and while it's probably the grand slam I watch the least because of the time differences, there may be hope on the horizon for the American men's game.  It's about damn time.  Could they be this generation's Andre, Pete, Jim and Michael?  Fingers crossed.

The Wisdom of the Aged.  A NY Times writer and photographer followed six New Yorker's all over the age of 85 for a year asking the question, "What is reasonable to ask of old age?"  Loved this.

I know y'all have seen this already because it broke the internet this week, but I can't stop watching it.  Isn't Adele the most charming?  

Every year I resolve to read more books and less internet and THIS year, I'm DOING IT.  I'm currently reading this (oh, the writing) and this is next in line.  If you're having trouble finding something, check out this list of 53 Books You Won't Be Able to Put Down.  I can vouch for a few!

If you're like me and cannot figure out Snapchat to save your life (damn if it doesn't make me feel old!) here's your help.  You're welcome??

Spend your Sunday losing yourself in Garden & Gun's Back Porch Sessions.....Sturgill Simpson and Johnnyswim, please (just to name a few).

Foodstuffs.......a genius hack for faster polenta (why hasn't someone mentioned this before....seems so simple).  This salad looks delicious.  I'm SO trying this because ALL of my cookie sheets are disgusting!  Pete Wells skewers Thomas Keller.  Ouch.  Seven women transforming the food industry.  Girl Power.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

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