Monday, February 23, 2015

Puerto Vallarta and Fletcher........

Ugh.  It's been two weeks since my last post so it took all of a month to fail at my New Year's resolution to post more consistently.  Typical.  Exactly why I should know better than to make any resolutions.

In my defense, we were gone for a week and then weren't home for 48 hours before I got a 911 call from my mother regarding their puppy, Fletcher.  More on him in a minute.

We spent a (mostly) sunny week in Puerto Vallarta with friends and family.  It pains me to look at these pictures again knowing the weather that is headed toward Birmingham for the next few days....a little sleet and the possibility of up to 8 inches of snow.  Yeah.  So let's just remember my life two weeks ago.........

We stayed at Exclusive Resort's Real del Mar outside of Puerto Vallarta.  If you're a member, we were in the Abanico residence.  This is my third trip to Real del Mar and although the layout of this house is challenging (lots of stairs), I think it has the best views.  The above pic is the view from my lounge chair at our pool!  You've got a front row seat every morning for incredible sunrises.....

Gorgeous, right?  We divided our time between hanging out at our pool and the beach club, which in the eight years since my last trip has gotten much busier.  I don't remember all the locals on the beach before, which wasn't really an issue except for the dudes trying to sell me scarves and jewelry.  It wasn't bad, but it was there.  Just saying.

One of our previous trips was also during whale season and we actually chartered a boat for the day to get up close and personal with them.  And we did.  So much so that I was content to watch them from our house this time.  I wasn't always quick enough with the camera to get them jumping, but you can get the gist......

The whale watching boats in pursuit

If you feel like being waited on hand and foot, head down to the beach club.  We all chilled by the smaller pool next to the ping-pong table, so I could deliver a daily ass kicking to my poor nephew.  There's also plenty of water toys....kayaks, paddle boards, boogie and skim boards.....if you're an ocean person.  I'm NOT.  

A shout out to the staff at the club.....very attentive and I only had to explain my margarita preferences once.....Patron, Contreau and lime.  NO SUGAR!  It should be easy, but for some reason IT NEVER IS!!  And the food was fabulous.  Our friends raved about the burger,  I think their son had one every day he was there!!

So it was a fun and relaxing and maybe at times a bit over-tequila'ed, but it's's vacay.  

My very own silver fox!

We had a small storm one night......that's lightening, not mountinas!!

The Banana Banshee....a long-time family vacation favorite.  I'll give you the recipe on Friday!!

So about Fletcher......

It seems that a very energetic puppy is not a good idea for 75 year matter how active they are!  The puppy won.  Or in my case, I won.  I inherited the little shit last week and yes, he's a handful, but nothing that a little boot camp this week won't fix!

He's a cutie with a really strong will.  Most of the time, not in his best interests.

Yeah.  A miniature version of Rafter!  He's actually a standard schnauzer, but he's much smaller than the giant.  He's nine months old, so I don't really expect him to get much bigger.

This is pretty much the sequence of events between he and the boss, right now......

Rafter minding his own business

Fletcher seeing what he can get away with.....

Realizing not much, and quickly retreating.
 I'm sure either they'll get that worked out on their own, or I'll make sure they do!!

Footnote......what did y'all think of the Oscars last night?  My in-a-nutshell takeaway was that John Travolta is a major creeper

 and John Legend just keeps getting better!  

I may have more thoughts on the Oscars on Friday Faves, but I also may be over it by then! 

Have a great week everyone!

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