Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Faves with a Banana Banshee!

Fave Drink

I apologize for the less than stellar picture but don't hold it against the drink!  I'm sure I was being rushed when I took this by our pool in Puerto Vallarta.  You can bet, whomever it was meant for was giving me the stink eye to hurry the eff up.  I would have made another one today to get a better shot, but it's kind of an unwritten rule that these are a treat only for tropical locations!   It's a loosely followed rule and you should totally discount it.

Hubs and I had these on my first trip to Ft. Meyers just after we started dating.  It was over Christmas break and I was meeting his parents!  We snuck away for lunch one day to some chain restaurant.....not an Applebee's but in the same vein as an Applebee's.  It was steamy hot outside so what could be better than an ice cream drink.  I think we both had two.   It was 1988 and I was 25 so ice cream drink calories burned off a lot quicker than they do today.  Now when I make these, I only allow myself one drink of Mr. B's before I hand it over!  You'll see why!!

This is a very forgiving recipe and it changes based on what's in the fridge and liquor cabinet, but here's how I made them in Puerto Vallarta.

Banana Banshee
Makes 2-6 drinks depending on your glass size!

1 quart vanilla ice cream
1 banana
1/2 cup Captain Morgan Rum
1/2 cup Malibu Rum
a hefty splash of Creme de Banana liquor
a hefty splash of Creme de Cocoa liquor
handful of ice

Put everything in a blender and blend!

When we were in Hawaii, I threw in fresh pineapple and coconut and one time in Cabo I added chocolate syrup and oreos.  Do whatever makes your skirt fly up.  

Fave Drugstore Find:

In the "you're never too old to break a bad habit" category, I've been trying to quit picking my cuticles.  Yeah.  Nasty and often really fucking painful habit.  I've found that if I don't let them get dry, I don't pick at them.  Genius.  This stuff really helps.  My manicurist is so proud!

Fave New Multi-Purpose Clothing Item

I've worn the first one I bought so frequently that I bought it in a different color last week.  I took it to Puerto Vallarta to use as a swimsuit cover and it was perfect with leggings for morning walks at Sea Island in December.  And it's only $69.

Fave Jars

How flipping cute are these Weck jars?  Technically they're juice jars (1/4L.) but don't they make the perfect little spice jars?

Fave Tunes:

The whole album isn't released until Tuesday but if the remaining tracks are as good as the three that were pre-released, this is going to be great.  Check out In the Heat of the Moment,  Ballad of the Mighty I, and Do the Damage

Fave TV

Thank God this season of the Bachelor is almost over.  He's down to the virgin and the one with the voice of a three year old.  Personally I think that the virgin is too smart to ever go live in bumfuck Arlington, Iowa so I'm going with the three year old.  For two of the funniest episode recaps, check out I Hate Green Beans and Dr. Psych Mom.

And if you're not currently watching Empire you're missing out.  Taraji P. Hensen kills it.  Every.  Time.

Hubs is excited to binge on the new Amazon series, Bosch, which is based on Michael Connelly's best selling novels.  He's read them ALL.

Fave Food Links

Cotton Candy Oreos?

Bailey's Irish Cream brownies for St. Patty's day.  Yes, please.

I've never attempted to make flatbread before because YEAST but this looks like a good place to start.

This had me at Bacon Bourbon Frosting.  Boom.

Now this is my kind of party.

That's all I've got, people!  Have a great weekend.

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