Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday links........

It's cold.  Everywhere.  Even in Alabama.  So I hope we don't freeze our tushies in Tuscaloosa tomorrow tailgating with our friends. I may even have to......please don't tell anyone this....pull for Alabama.  Damn, that hurt.  But I need their help.  See, if Alabama beats Mississippi State and Georgia beats Auburn and Ole Miss beats Miss St and Auburn beats Alabama and whoever wins the SEC East beats the winner of SEC West and Oregan and TCU lose and we win out then THE BUCKS ARE IN!!!  Oh, and if the cow could jump over the moon, that'd probably help too.

Happy Weekend, everyone!!

I'm taking this to the tailgate party because YUM!!

THE most adorable interview with my niece, Charlotte (Carly) about her recent wedding.

Started reading this yesterday (Don't judge.  I love Andy!!)  This is on deck.

After reading this, I'm even more excited about Trader Joe's coming to Birmingham next year.

52 of the world's most widespread myths and misconceptions, debunked

What, exactly, you're entitled to when you flight goes awry.

Awesome photography hacks for your iPhone....

Writing advice from the chief copy editor at Random House

The best airport food around the globe according to famous chefs.

Quite possibly the most beautiful dog photography Ive seen.

Christmas gift ideas from Oprah and Garden and Gun (a subscription to GandG is always a great gift idea, even for the non-Southerner's on your list)

My new favorite instagram account

What I've been listening to.......

Go Bucks!  Beat Minnersoter!!!

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