Monday, June 3, 2013

What I've been up to......

I've been M.I.A.  again, I know.  So, I'll try to catch you up on where I've been and what I've been up to, and then later this week, I might just post a few recipes!!  

It all started with this arriving in the mail.  YUP.  I turned F.I.F.T.Y. last month.  

My BFF for the past 45 years came down from Ohio to celebrate with me.  We met when we were 5 years old and except for a few spats when were were pre-teens where her mother would get tired of our bickering and send me home (I'd be back the next day), we've been the best of friends.  Let's just say, she knows where ALL the bodies are hidden!!  I love her and was thrilled she took the time to come hang out (even if it turned out to be shorter than we planned!)

This little Princess, along with her Aunt NeNe were also here for the weekend.  Is she not the cutest thing ever?

This is Aunt NeNe ( niece) and it's virtually impossible to get a good pic of her because she almost always makes some weird face so that you'll stop taking her picture.  She might hate getting her pic taken as much as I do, so I was happy I got some decent ones of her because she looked so beautiful that night at my birthday party.  She was rocking her best Kim Kardashian bun!

My other BFF, Jenny, threw me a party at her house with all my tennis friends and family.  So much fun and lots of giggling.

My mom and dad were also in town for the party (and to babysit my dog while we went on vacay).  That's my mama in the middle with four generations of Markley women.  That's Annie in the yellow and her sister Charlotte holding Emma.

Can you see where I get my stunning good looks?

A few days after the party we headed to beautiful Little Dix Bay so I could drown my sorrows over turning 50.  It was perfection.

Our Exclusive Resorts house for the week.

Our view.

Since LDB is in the British VI, hubs got to partake in afternoon tea.  He really doesn't go for the tea.....just the scones!  As you can see, I went for the Champagne!

I spent most of the week in one of those chairs.

Jenny and Chad joined us mid-week and frankly I don't remember much after that!!!  

Stunning, right?

So, after we got home, we spent the next few days getting the house ready to put back on the market.  If you're interested in moving to Birmingham, AL you can find the listing here!!

We also did a little entertaining on Memorial Day weekend.  It was an absolutely beautiful weekend to be outside.

The may or may not have been a football lost over the side of the cliff!

A few hotly contested games of bocce ball.  So much fun.

I crushed everyone in corn hole......NOT

And last weekend Charlotte and Ben invited us to go the the new Birmingham Barons stadium downtown to watch a little baseball.  It's an awesome facility and a great thing for B'ham.  Plus the hot dogs were FABULOUS!!  The best reason to go to a baseball game.

Plus, right across the street is Good People Brewing!  Baseball and beer.  Does it get any better?  

Actually, yes it does.  Since I'm not much of a beer drinker, I made everyone stop at the Wine Loft for a nice glass of Cab.  Perfect ending!

That's what I've been up to, but I promise to be back later this week with an awesome frozen summer dessert that I served Memorial Day!!

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