Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekend Links

What's everyone up to this weekend?  We're keeping it low-key here.....enjoying the Spring temps, watching some college bball (can you believe March Madness starts this Sunday with the selection show?) and celebrating this guy's 10th birthday!

Let's start with some "dancing around the kitchen making dinner" tunes.......

Ten You Tube channels you need to check out.  I'm not sure there is anything funnier than that NFL Lip Reading video.  

Just another example of why a woman's girlfriends are so important.

Thirty things that will make you smile.

I subscribe to lots of blogs, so I'm a huge fan of Google Reader.  Imagine my disappointment when I read this week that it was being shut down.  Here are options for a replacement.

My niece texted me last Saturday, "WHY are there so many honey flavors and how do I know which one to buy."  I answered with, "Because there are so many different flavors of bees?  Buy one with a pretty label."  This is much better advice.

If you don't already have your St. Paddy's Day meal planned, here are several suggestions.

I've been excited about seeing the remake of The Great Gatsby ever since I heard Leo DiCaprio was starring.  Now I'm equally excited to hear it!

I'm not sure which I love more......this corgi or this lab.

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