Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekend Links

I have to go to a "ball" tonight.  Do I sound thrilled?  No?  Good because I'm not.   It's for charity and it's tennis friends (mostly!) so I'm fine with that part.  It's the cocktail attire part I'm not so thrilled about.  My idea of getting dressed up anymore is putting on my dark jeans instead of the faded ones!  I'm much better at drinking cocktails and dressing for them.  Just sayin....

It's also supposed to hit the 70 degree mark on Saturday and Sunday so I'll absolutely be hanging outside.  Y'all have a great weekend.

Let's start with some tunes...

Ever think about publishing your own cookbook?

I've lived in Alabama over 10 years and didn't know about this.  It just went on my summer bucket list.

Anyone know if this works?

If you're a Harry Potter or a Lego fan, you have to see this.  Pretty incredible.

Central Park from above.

I love this instagram feed.  This one made me smile and I want to go to this one.

This should get you psyched for March Madness

A tribute to Birmingham's own Frank Stitt.

Eight lessons I learned this birthday.

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