Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So I'm in Telluride this week continuing my love affair with Colorado summers.  And I have to say he's being very cooperative.  Not at all like most men I know. 

See.  Look how nice the weather is.  No 98 degree temps or 100% humidity ANYWHERE!  Let's just say I'm NOT homesick.

My ass is a little sore though.  We've hiked a total of about 15 miles in two days.  Yup.  My 71 year old mother is about to kill us all.  She never stops.  Except for cocktail hour.....thank God.

On Monday, we hiked Bear Creek Trail and I thought with a name like that I'd finally get to see that bear I've been looking for every year we come out here.  False freaking advertising.

Not a bear in sight but it was a perfect hike for the first day.

And if you hit it early enough in the morning, it's not busy.  We got there about 8:30 and only met a few folks on the way up.

 It was starting to get a a lot busier on the way down.  Plus the later in the day you go, the more annoying the flies can be.

We stopped at the 2.5 mile mark before heading back down, but can easily keep going.   Well not "easily"........but if you're feelin frisky, go for it.  Frisky, was not what we were feeling.  Hungry and thirsty?  Yup.

It's a beautiful spot to bring a picnic and hang out for a bit.

As a matter of fact.  That's a fabulous idea.  Just might do that later in the week.  I'll make my mom carry the picnic basket.

Or maybe hubs.

He's a big, strapping, hunk of a man.  He could easily carry the basket.  Nah....I think mama should do it.  Gotta wear her out somehow.

Another one of my favorite things about Colorado are the dogs.  Everyone has one, and they're so well behaved.  Never on a leash and never bothering anyone.  There were several on the trail.

I think my favorite was this gal....Belle.  We mistakenly made a comment about her being a "big girl" and her human rapidly corrected us saying she was just a little thick.  He said Belle walked this trail every day and was in great shape.  While we were stopped talking, she actually barked at her human to get going.  She didn't have time to stop and chat.  

 This guy ran all the way up and all the way down.

They were all so stinkin cute.

And there is always one laying outside of a store just waiting for their humans to do their business. Never making a peep.

I'm not sure Rafter would ever be quite so well behaved.

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