Thursday, June 2, 2011

Segovia and Avila

Our last day in Spain we visited Segovia.  This aqueduct is the first thing you see when you enter the city.  Truly amazing.  Researchers aren't sure the exact date it was constructed, but estimate it to be sometime after the middle of the first century to early second century.  It was constructed of granite blocks with no mortar.  Yeah, I don't get how it's stood this long either!!

Just beautiful.

And yet another cathedral!  Look I get that these old churches are beautiful, but for me.....seen one, seen them all.  Just sayin.  But I play nice with the other kids and go inside.

Most of the time they don't allow photography, but every once in a while you're allowed as long as you don't use a flash.  I tend to think it's disrespectful (I have no idea why??) but this time, the light was really beautiful, so......

This is the Alcazar of Segovia and was the royal castle for the Kings of Castille.  It's first known existence was 1122, but may actually be older than that.  It was destroyed by fire in the 1800's and was later rebuilt.

If I lived here, this would be my wine cellar!

Our traveling companions for the week.  Aren't they cute?

Who doesn't love a wedding.  We were having lunch in the square and got to see the bride walk into the church.

Our last stop in Spain was Avila.

Again, beautiful cathedrals.

But my favorite part was the medieval city walls.

So that's it for cathedrals and castles.  It's all about the grapes from here on out!

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