Monday, February 28, 2011

FFwD - Short Ribs in Red Wine and Port (with Emeril Lagasse's Creamy Polenta)

I know, I know.....the glare off this picture makes your eyes hurt!  My big girl camera had a dead battery so I had to resort to my iPhone to get a pic.  I apologize to you and to Dorie because this picture doesn't begin to do these short ribs justice.  They were Ah.  Maze.  Ing. Period.

I also apologize for posting late but last week was major suckage.  The previous weekend I had made a quick trip to Ohio to see relatives which happens to include this little princess.  If you take a close look at that last picture of Miss Emma you can see in her eyes that she was not feeling well.  Which means that she wanted to be held all the time.



Which, just so happened, worked out well, because I always want to hold her all the time!  Needless to say, once I was back home in Alabama, I too didn't feel so well and wanted to be held all the time.  Didn't work out so well this time because A) no one wanted me on their lap and B) I was having a huuuuge (60 plus people) party at my house on Saturday.  Damn.

Now, I'm not exactly the "doctor" type.  I was raised that way.  As a child, if I complained about something hurting, I heard "Oh, it's a long way from your heart.  You'll be fine."  I know, right?  Turns out I never died, so I figure why waste time sitting in a doctor's office with a bunch of sick people??  Well, this week I didn't have time to "wait it out".  I had shit to do and so I bit the bullet and called the doc.  He gave me a shot in the ass and a few prescriptions and sent me on my way.  But not before he drew some blood just to make sure nothing else was going on.  Watever.  As long as I start to feel better NOW.

And I pretty much did by the next day.  Not perfect but well enough to get busy.  Around the middle of the day I get a text from the doc.  Before I tell you what it said, I have to tell you that this doctor also happens to be a personal friend.  If not, he never would have gotten away with texting me this...

"Hey.  I now know why you're such a bitch.  You have hypothyroidism and need treatment!"

WTF?  So I tell hubs and here's that conversation....

Hubs:  "There's a pill for that?"
Me:  "Hypothyroidism?  Sure."
Hubs:  "Uh, no.  One that won't make you a bitch?"

He's still knocked out cold on the floor.  Anyhoo, I texted doc back and asked if this was the reason I couldn't lose weight or was it still the wine's fault?  He said both.  I say that's a win-win.  I can take this pill, lose weight, and still drink wine?  Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause!!!

Back to the short ribs.  Hubs proclaimed these Top 5.  They were that good.  And so was the polenta.  I've made Emeril's polenta several times and it never disappoints.  The rules of FFwD don't allow me to give you the recipe for the short ribs (you'll have to buy the book "Around My French Table") but I can give you the recipe for the polenta.

Creamy Polenta
Emeril Lagasse
Serves 4 (large portions)

4 cups water, plus more as needed
4 cups milk, plus more as needed
3 tablespoons butter
2 teaspoons salt
2 cups polenta
1/2 cup creme fraiche (I didn't have any in fridge this time so I used sour cream)
1/3 cup Parmigiano-Reggiano

In a large saucepan, bring the water, milk and butter to a boil.  Add 2 teaspoons of salt to the water and whisk in the polenta.  Whisk constantly for 3 to 4 minutes to prevent lumps.  Simmer for 45 minutes, partially covered and stirring every 10 minutes, until the polenta is thick, smooth, and creamy.  Add the creme fraiche and Parmesan.  Check for seasoning and adjust consistence by adding milk or water to the polenta.  Polenta may be made up to 20 minutes ahead of time and kept covered until ready to serve.

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