Saturday, February 12, 2011

Exclusive Resorts - Las Vegas - Vdara

We're in Vegas, baby!

There's only one place with this kind of excess.......and it's soooo much fun!!

When we landed in Vegas Thursday evening, the stewardess said, "Welcome to Lost Wages!"  True dat.  I've lost some of hubs' wages since I've been here.  I started out fine....down 20, up 70....then it turned ugly.....down 100, down 100.....I hope he doesn't read this!!

We're staying at ER's new residences in the Vdara and they couldn't be nicer.  The Vdara is part of the new City Center complex located directly next to the Bellagio.  It's a non-gaming (RARE in VEGAS), non-smoking (RARER yet!) residence-only tower.  We're staying in ER's unit 47026 and the views are spectacular.

As I said, the Bellagio is next door and we have a perfect seat for their water show.

We can see all the way up the Strip to Trump and Encore at the Wynn and the beautiful mountain range surrounding the city.

You also get beautiful morning views of Sunrise Mountain....and the Cosmopolitan Hotel!

 They units are two bedrooms (both kings) with an adequate kitchen/dining/living room area full of natural light.  Again....check out that view!

They have a sleek, modern decor but I have to say that the only really comfortable piece of furniture is the couch.  See those two matching chairs?

Awful.  Sure they look good, but they might as well have put a concrete bench there.  It's almost a competition to get to the living room first so you don't have to sit in either one of those chairs.

Master bedroom...

Second bedroom....

I know a lot of members don't see the value in having units in Vegas, but we're really enjoying ourselves and if ER's going to have residences here, I think these are a perfect choice.  When you walk into Vdara, you immediately get a calming feeling that you've somehow escaped the noise and excess associated with Vegas, but you're literally a few minutes walk if you want to go back.  The new Aria casino is 50 yards out the front door and is loaded with some fabulous restaurants and the Bellagio is a five minute walk via a covered walkway.

Other than those chairs, I only have one minor issues with the Vdara....the Wi-Fi signal strength is horrible.  Luckily the couple traveling with us had a cellphone that operated as a hotspot or we never would have gotten internet access since I decided for the first time ever to leave my broadband card at home.  Nothing I'm sure can't be fixed.

More later......I'm off to recoup some losses and then some shopping!

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