Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TWD - Tuiles.......day 2 of cookie week

This is one of the instances when TWD made me jump out of my box.  I have always admired this sophisticated little cookies, but never would have tried them on my own.  So thanks to Clivia at Bubbies' Little Baker for forcing me into it!

I will say that the three cookies on that plate are the only three out of the eight I baked that turned out into something photographable.  They were all edible......just not all pretty!  There is quite the trick in getting them from the cookie sheet onto a moldable apparatus.  Your timing has to be impeccable in order to keep the cookie all in one piece.  So these take some practice.

As for the taste......they have a wonderfully rich maple flavor.  I think these would be best with some ice cream.  Broken up and sprinkled on top maybe.  Anyway, I'm glad I tried them, but I'm going to need some more practice!

Please check Clivia's site for the recipe.  And step out of your box and try these.


  1. These were so tasty. A little hard to work with, but fun to try. Those three look perfect.

  2. Your tuiles look perfect. And weren't they worth it just for that taste. Thanks for baking along with me this week.