Friday, November 5, 2010

FFwD - Roast Chicken for Les Paresseux

So this week's FFwD is Roast Chicken and it was delicious, but first, did anyone see Oprah yesterday?  Her guests were former Tiger Beat teen heartthrobs and I was suddenly a starry-eyed 11 year old all over again.   If you're a middle aged woman who grew up in this country then chances are you purchased Tiger Beat magazine at least once in your life.  Remember the posters inside?  I think there was one of Shaun Cassidy every week and all of them ended up on my bedroom wall.  I was in love.....

Remember the song Da Doo Ron Ron?

"I met her on a Monday and my heart stood still
Da doo ron ron ron da doo ron ron
Sombody told me that her name was Jill
Da doo ron ron ron da doo ron ron"

So obviously he was singing that song for me.  I'm Jill.  Duh.  I just knew I was gonna grow up and marry him.  Cuz I made his heart stand still.

Anyhoo.....It was a nice trip down memory lane.  She also had Peter Frampton on and he won the prize for most unrecognizable.  Remember all that hair?  Gone.  Frampton Comes Alive.  I wore that that album OUT. 

Back to the roast chicken for les paresseux, or roast chicken for lazy people.  This fits the bill.  Super easy and you only dirty one pot.  But that's not the best thing about this dish.  The best thing is the bread.  OMG, the bread.  You start by rubbing oil all over the inside of a dutch oven and then placing two slices of bread in the bottom of the pan.  All I had was a baguette so I ended up with five slices, because it's bread, and more is better.  You then place the whole chicken on top of the bread before you put it in the oven and what happens is just plain over the top amazing.  All of the juices soak into the bread and it gets this nice crispy crust on the bottom and holy chicken fat, did I mention it's amazing?

I threw in some potatoes, onions and carrots halfway through baking because I'm one of those lazy people and that meant I didn't have to dirty anymore dishes or make another side dish.  

Make this.  If for no other reason, do it for THE BREAD.


  1. holy chicken fat, that is hilarious! i can't wait to make this and experience the bread.

  2. Loved your trip down memory lane...I'm one of those middle-agers, so I do remember Tiger Beat!