Sunday, October 17, 2010

French Sunday with Dorie......

Hubs and I made it to Paris yesterday but can I first complain a little about the French.....and their ability to strike.....ABOUT EVERYTHING.  I've been to Paris several times and everytime I've been here someone has been striking over something.  Mostly I don't give a shizzle the reason, I just pay attention to how it's going to affect my vacation! It's all about me.

The first time I was here the garbage workers were striking.  Not pleasant.  Luckily I was only here for a few days.  The next time I was here, I had these big plans to visit the Louvre (because I didn't have time the first visit).  No such workers were on strike.  The next time it was the transportation workers and for the first few days we were here, not a cab to be found.  Luckily these people don't stay mad for long.  I think even they get bored with themselves.  This time its again the transportation workers which meant the trains from Provence into Paris were few and far between and rather and spend four hours packed like a damn sardine in a tin can with the famously underbathed, we chose to just drive to Paris.  I think it probably worked out for the it was mostly a pretty drive.

Anyhoo, we made here yesterday and looks like everything is going to be ok for us to get out tomorrow.  Not so much for those later in the week, however.

Let's start this schizophrenic post with last week's French Friday's with Dorie.....Vietnamese Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup.  Never, never, never would have made this on my own.  And once again, that would have been another big mistake.  Hubs absolutely loved this and so did I.  This had a ton of ingredients, a lot of which I'm not overly fond of individually, but all together they were delicious. 

I know I've said this before, but get your butt to Barnes and Noble and buy this book and start cooking along with us.  Your family (or just you) will thank me profusely!!

Now onto the rest of our time in Provence.  We had such a great time.  I feel like we did and saw a lot but also didn't really do that much.  Huh?

The only thing hubs had on his Provence bucket list was to drive up Mont Ventoux.  Notice I said "drive up".  He religiously watches every stage of the Tour de France every year.  Never misses a day.  Sometimes watches the re-broadcast at night.  Total groupie.  But has no interest in riding a bike.  Weird.

So we dedicated one of our days to driving to the top.  I could try to tell you how beautiful it was, but I'll just shut up and let you look.  We stopped several times on the way up to act like tourists.

On the way down we stopped at a local pizza parlor for lunch.  One of the best pizza's I've ever had.  But it was after several bottles of wine, so I may not be the best judge!

See.....told you!

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