Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tuesdays with Dorie - Cranberry Upside Downer

I guess it's officially Fall.  The new season of Oprah started this week.  I'm not really sure where I stand on Oprah after 25 years.  I don't think I watched the first five years because I was a working girl, but I was pretty much a regular Oprah fiend for several years after that.  Not so much the last couple of years.....first I got tired of her preaching to me about everything I should be doing in my life that I wasn't, THEN she had to go political on me.  That's when I officially deleted Oprah from my DVR.

But since this is her last season, against my better judgement, I recorded her first show on Monday.  That's when I really got pissed off.  First, let's go back about 6-7 years ago (when I was still a quasi-fan).  Hubs was doing some work with someone who's brother (brother-in-law maybe?) was head of security for Harpo Studios.  Hubs was being sweet and asked if he could get a couple of tickets.  Well it worked out and my mother and I went to Chicago for a few days of shopping and Oprah.  We were pretty excited.  Even though we didn't really know what the topic of the show was going to be.  I guess they don't make that public until a day or two in advance.  Of course we were hoping it was going to be something fabulous......George Clooney or Bono??  As long as it wasn't a show about child molesters we were cool.

We got there and I'll be damned if it wasn't WORSE or at least equally as bad.  My mother and I got to sit through three hours of taping that Holocaust show with Elie Wiesel.  Complete buzz kill.  Which is why I was so pissed watching Monday as that whole audience gets told they all get to go to Australia on Oprah's many dimes.  REALLY?  Us = worst human tragedy in history.  Them = Australia.  Ugh.  So I'm seriously considering removing Oprah from my DVR again.

Thanks to Sabrina of Superfluous for choosing this week's TWD....Cranberry Upside Downer.  This just tastes like Fall and will be perfect for all your parties clear through the holidays.  I said that to hubs and he said this is good for your parties anytime of the year!  A lot of the baker's substituted peaches for the cranberries, but the peaches are done down here and I had some frozen cranberries, so I went that direction.

Give this a try.  It's simple and very tasty.  Check Sabrina's site for the recipe.


  1. It sounds like your luck is just about as fabulous as mine ;) I'm wishy-washy on Oprah. Once she became all political, I was pretty much done as well. I get enough of the real world politics shoved down my throat everywhere I go, I don't need my feel good tv doing it as well.

    Beautiful cake, btw!

  2. That cake looks wonderful!
    Sorry about Oprah. I've never really watched her, so I don't have an opinion either way, but I do love what she's done for books with her monthly book selections.


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