Saturday, August 21, 2010


Unfortunately this is one of those stories that probably isn't going to have a happy ending. See that little baby?  My friend, Jenny, and I found him laying on the side of the road this afternoon when we were out walking on my street.  Just laying in the road, eyes wide open and not moving a muscle.  

We could tell he was probably not 24 hours old and was obviously hurt (although we couldn't see any visible signs).   At one point I think I got a little too close for his comfort because he got up and tried to get into the woods.  It was then clear that he had a broken front leg.

By this time, another neighbor was driving by and called a veterinarian that lives on our street to see if he could come help. 

Oh my.  The noises that baby made when Dr. Kelly picked it up.  Poor thing was scared to death.

When he finally got a look at the leg, he said it didn't look good.  

By this time, mama had shown up and was watching everything that went on.  She was not happy.  (I know you can't see her in this next photo, but she was in there!)

So doc said they'd take him home and sedate him and see if he could get a better look at the leg.

Unfortunately I think he was just saying that to make us feel better.

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