Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Exclusive Resorts - Snowmass and Vail

For some reason, it's taken me a while to get this post up.  Maybe it's because looking at the pictures makes me want to go back.  It's sweltering hot this time of year in Alabama and I miss the perfect week of weather we had in Aspen.

The good news is that I get to go back in two weeks, so I'm just gonna suck it up.

I already posted about the hike from hell and I'm going to summarize my fabulous Food and Wine Classic experiences soon but here are some pics of the ER units and the beauty of summers in the Rockies.

We'll start with the ER units at The Timbers in Snowmass.  

This was the perfect place for us to stay during F&W.  The Timbers provides complimentary shuttle service back and forth to Aspen so we never had to worry about parking.  You give them a call and they're there in about 20 minutes.  Very convenient.

The units are nice.  They won't blow your socks off like some of the other ER mountain destinations, but they're adequate and the staff at The Timbers is outstanding.

There are essentially two master bedrooms each containing a king size bed.

And one room with two doubles.

But if you're looking for amazing views you may want to look elsewhere.

Yup....that rock wall is your view!!

These are the hot tubs.  Nice, but not private.

The outside of The Timbers.  

I assume these units are ski-in/ski-out (I may be wrong) because there is a lift next to the pool....probably a five minute walk.  Hubs and I have never skied at Snowmass so I can't comment on that.  I will say that these units are not that close to the village itself but it looks like there is lift service between the two.  

So this wouldn't be my first choice of ER's mountain offerings, but it was perfect us and our needs for the week.

And if outdoor activities are your thing (hiking and walking are ours!) then you'll love it here.  I referenced the hike from you-know-where earlier, but here are a few pics from a much more relaxing walk we took the next day.

Hubs was much happier about this one (it's all relative).  Nice and flat.

If you stay on Route 82 through downtown Aspen this beauty runs parallel with the road.  A great place to walk, ride bikes, bird watch (most of the property is a bird sanctuary), or whatever.

A nice place to work off your breakfast from Montagne at The Little Nell.  (Make sure you have the huevos rancheros!)

And since we're talking food, make sure you check out Ajax Tavern (I think we ate there 300 was the "see-and-be-scene" for the who's who at F&W) which is also part of The Little Nell.  Have lunch outside on the patio and watch people start the hike from Hades!  And on the other side of the gondola is Il Mulino.  Amazing Italian.  I've not been to the original in NYC, but I will the next time I'm in the city.

Then when you're all worn out, get back in your car and continue East on 82.

You won't be able to drive this in the winter months because it's always closed so definitely take advantage during the summer.

The reason it's called "Aspen."

And if you're into Lance Armstrong style bicycling you'll definitely find some friends on this road!  I prefer four wheels, myself.


On our way back, I spotted these guys.  Like I said, if you like outdoor activities, you can find something here.

I won't be trying this anytime soon, either.

Aaaaahhhhhhh.  Crazy stuff.

Since we were flying in and out of Eagle County and had an early morning flight on Sunday, we headed back to Vail on Saturday evening and spent one night at the new Arabelle residences.

In a word.....amazing.

I've been to Vail several times (its been about three years since my last visit) and this area was under construction the last time we were there.  We didn't have time to do any walking around so I couldn't exactly get my bearings, but I think this whole area is new.

This area was right outside the windows of our unit.  There are coffee shops, restaurants, a pizza shop, etc.

Like I said, we were just there for a few hours, but I can't wait to go back and get a better lay of the land.  We're heading back to Beaver Creek in two weeks and I know we'll go back over to Vail for a little shopping.  (Shhh.  Hubs doesn't need to know everything.)

We both did a double take when we walked into the units.  They are beautiful.

Very open and spacious and the decor is warm and elegant without being overly "mountainy".  I fell in love.

Two large bedrooms with kings and one bedroom with double bunk beds.

Can you tell I was enamored?  

So, as I mentioned we're heading back to Colorado in a few weeks to enjoy another week of perfect weather and some fresh mountain air.  This time we're staying in one of the homes in Beaver Creek.  Can't wait!

And if you're from ER, leave me a comment, please.  What's your favorite ER mountain destination and why?  

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