Wednesday, May 12, 2010

TWD - Quick Classic Berry Tart

I'm back from vacay.  You're thrilled, right?  Thought so.  I always have a fabulous time on vacation, but am always happy to get home, too.  Except for the unpacking part.  Hate that part.  It leads to the laundry part.  Which I try to avoid.  Hence, the unpacked bag still sitting in my bedroom right now.  Hopefully, I'll tackle that by the weekend.

I did find time to get this week's TWD selection made, however.  I've been eyeing this tart in Dorie's books for a long time.  I love fruit tarts and this one is deeeeelish!  Although, I think this crust could make feet taste good.  So flaky and almost impossible to screw up.  Even for me.

Although Dorie recommends eating this the same day it's made, someone in the P&Q section recommended lightly brushing the baked crust with melted white chocolate if you wanted to assemble the tarte a little in advance.  And while I thought this wouldn't last long here, that just sounded like a great idea.  White chocolate on anything sounds like a great idea, right?  It was.  I also added a half teaspoon almond extract to the pastry cream, because that sounded like a great idea too.

Thanks to Cristine of Cooking with Cristine for hosting this week.  Loved the pick.  Check out her site for the recipe.


  1. Your tart looks great! Thanks for baking with me!

  2. What a beautiful tart.

  3. Im glad you had a good trip, unpacking is always the worst part! Your tart look amazingly good!