Tuesday, February 16, 2010

TWD - My Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dorie starts off her description of these cookies by calling them "Toll House cookies' kin". Well, for me, Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies have no relatives.....no cousins, no nieces, no nephews, no aunts or uncles.....no one.....no kin. Toll House cookies have reigned supreme in my house my entire life. It was the only thing I was allowed in the kitchen to make growing up. In fact, most days that was on my list of chores in the summer. It looked something like this......

Jill - Before you can go to the pool today, you must

1. Mow the yard - all three acres with a pushmower....the old fashioned kind that didn't take gas
2. Weed the entire garden
3. Dust the woodwork
5. Wash the house (not the inside.....the outside!)
6. Seal the blacktop driveway
7. Rake the leaves
8. Ride your bike uptown (13 miles) and get a gallon of milk
9. Mix up a batch of chocolate chip cookies
10. Wake your brother up in time to go to the pool with you but make sure he gets some cookies first.

Oh yeah. I had it rough.

So, Toll House cookies have a special place in my heart. I still make them for hubs. Have them perfected. I don't even need to look at the back of the package for the recipe anymore. Got it memorized. He loves them. So when I told him I had to make a different kind of CCC for TWD, he was all "Well, I'll try them, but I'm not gonna like them. But go ahead a waste your time."

I did but I opted for the "playing around" portion. I added some instant espresso powder to the dough. I think I just wanted to make them different enough that I wouldn't have to make comparisons.

I have to say.....even though these may not (repeat, may not) be the best CCC ever......by dog that dough is. I could eat the whole bowl of raw dough in one sitting. I keep imagining espresso cookie dough ice cream made with that stuff. Yum Yum Yum.

Oh and the cookies were pretty good too! Not at all like my cakey Toll House. These are a much flatter, crispier version but I love the combination of the bittersweet chocolate and the espresso powder. Oh an hubs has had half a dozen so far!

Head over to Kait's Plate for the recipe.

Bet's on how long it will take my mother to call me after she reads this post?? I'm thinking about 2 minutes!


  1. I loved the dough too! The cookies were a bit thin, though. Yours look fairly thick--magic?

  2. I agree that these were nothing like Tollhouse cookies. But still, quite tasty. And I bet even more so with instant espresso powder!

  3. Wow! I thought I had it rough growing up! :O Your cookies look great and yes, this dough was yummy. But, my cookies baked up flat and my hubby ate half of one and walked away. He told me to stick to Toll House. :)

  4. Picture of cookies looks AWESOME!! Love reading the blog as usual. Makes me laugh...you have such a humor that does that to me. LOL Guess that is why we are friends. :)

  5. Yes!! The dough was much better than the actual cookie. I like chewy rather than flat.

    Look good to me.