Friday, December 11, 2009

Construction....more construction....and a little destruction...

We've got a LOT going on around here and frankly, I'm having trouble keeping all of the projects straight! The only one that's close to being finished is my closet and I can't wait to show you pictures of that little transformation! Saweeet!

The house we're remodeling for Barry and Carly is supposed to be finished on the 23rd (I'll believe it when I see it) so they can move in before Christmas.....out of my house....with all of their stuff that's taking up three stalls in my garage. Love them both, but I'm just sayin!

And then there's this next little project.....the pool house! I've been trying to get this puppy started for about six months but for various reasons we just got started this week.

I love my pool but have always wanted a more cohesive connection between it and the house.

Here's what it looked like before this past Wednesday.

HATE that pool decking. Always have.

This is looking at the pool from the's behind that hedge.

These guys showed up on Wednesday and boy do they work fast.

All of the decking was up in about an hour. No kidding.

This is what it looked like Thursday morning. All of the landscaping....GONE. Seven years of growing GONE in a day.


And that's what it should look like by Spring.

I hope it's by Spring.

I've told them I want to have a Memorial Day party. Think it will happen???

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Wow that's awesome! A lotta changes =]

  2. By looking at phots it seems that the construction of that house is going to be Awesome and I hope that the construction gets completed on time and I will be able to see the newly constructed house photos.

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