Friday, November 13, 2009

Fun in Whistler

Hubs and I are in Whistler, British Columbia this weekend.

It's really beautiful here. I can't believe we haven't been here before.

We're here because of these two. They're tying the knot tonight, gettin hitched, jumping the broom.....well, you get the picture!

This is where we're staying and where the festivities will take place.

I didn't really expect there to be this much snow here already. The mountain is not even open yet, but since Mother Nature cooperated Whistler Mountain will be opening early this Saturday.

As you can see the slopes are ready (already have a 37" base) but no skiers yet. (A few rogue snowboarders right outside my front door, but I'm not turning them in! They're having too much fun.)

And Whistler Village is pretty deserted. That will definitely change in a few months when the Olympics start. Personally, I'm glad I'm here now! I don't like crowds.

We woke up this morning to about five inches of fresh powder and it's supposed to snow all day. Expecting another foot! So this handsome dude and I went for a walk. It was so quiet and calm. Really beautiful. For snow, that is.

Enjoy your weekend. I'll let you know if the bride or groom decide to make a run for it!

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