Tuesday, August 18, 2009

TWD - Applesauce Spice Bars

I feel like a broken record here but these were freakin delicious. I love apple deserts. Love. Them. Which is kind of weird, because I don't eat apples all that often. But when they are cooked and get all nice and soft and then you add in cinnamon and allspice and then pour this caramel glaze over the top.....dear, dear, dear.

Everyone warned to let the cake part cool before pouring on the glaze and I thought I had waited long enough, but apparently not because most of my glaze soaked into the cake. Not that I minded. Didn't make them any less amazing.

So, the picture you're looking at was critiqued today by my photo class instructor. Let's just say she thinks I need some work. I got the "technical part" right meaning my exposure was ok, but I may need more work in the "creative" field! Duh. She made some good suggestions that I'll be working on but frankly, I'm just not that creative about anything! But, I'll try.

Thanks to Karen of Something Sweet for this week's pick. Check out her blog for the recipe and a really good picture.


  1. I think they look pretty delicious! Good luck with the photography class.

  2. I think the glaze soaking in just made them better and more moist. Nothin' wrong with that pic, teach.

  3. If the instructor had tried a bar she wouldn't have been so critical. :)