Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TWD - Perfect Party Cake

The best I can give you is just a cake.

To call mine a "Perfect Party Cake" would be a little like calling Dinara Safina the best tennis player in the world.  Just not true.

Dinara's pretty good and all, but there's no way she's beating Venus on Thursday.  

Just like my cake isn't anywhere close to the Perfect Party Cake that Dorie wanted me to make.

I wasn't in the mood to make buttercream frosting.  Feeling a little lazy yesterday, plus it's still 137 degrees outside and I wanted to keep it light.  So, I substituted Amaretto whipped cream for all of the buttercream.  Mr. B said it could have used the buttercream.  It was too light.

I also substituted peach preserves for the raspberry suggested by Dorie.  That part worked out and I would do that again, but next time I'll put whipped cream between the layers and buttercream on the outside.  Then it might just be "perfect"

Thanks to Carol of Mix, Mix.....Stir, Stir for this weeks selection.  If I'm ever looking for a nice white cake in the future I'll return to this recipe.  I also bet that these would make great cupcakes (which I'm sure at least a couple of the other TWD bakers tried).   Make sure you check them out.

And look for an all Williams sister final on Saturday.   


  1. Ooo, maybe if you stabilize the whipped cream (like with the blanc manger we make in a few weeks), that might make it sturdier (but expecting it to hold up in that kind of heat might be pushing your luck even with stabilized gelatin.) If you like whipped creams, don't miss that one coming up in a few weeks. Just sayin...

  2. Haha love your comments about Safina and Venus. I agree about the all Williams final. Your cake looks good to me! Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. 137 degrees???? Holy cow! Well it looks perfect to me :) I loved this cake, it's my new white cake recipe :)

  4. That is way, WAY too hot. I think Sara might melt, seriously.