Tuesday, June 9, 2009

TWD - Parisian Apple (Peach) Tartlets.....So Easy a Caveman Can Do It....

I know.  I hate those commercials, too.  But, suriously....these really are so easy a caveman can do it.

Jessica from My Baking Heart picked this week's recipe.  Thanks, Jessica.  This just became my "go to" impromptu dinner party dessert. 

It's made with frozen puff pastry and just about any fruit you can think of.  Dorie recommends this all butter puff pastry, but Pepperidge Farms works just fine.  I wouldn't have thought twice about using PF but a fellow blogger that lives in my home town said she found Dories recommendation at Whole Foods and I was there today, so I picked them up.  I'll have to say....they're really good.  If you can find them, give em a try, otherwise, don't sweat it.

I happen to be home alone but made six tartlets anyhoo.  Oh, just shut up.  I didn't eat them all.  I just had half of one of the peach ones....with a little white chocolate ice cream on top.  Really...shut up.  I worked out today.

As you can see, I made two with a white peach and four with a granny smith apple.  Like I said, I only tried the peach one.  I can't wait for about another week or so when Chilton County peaches are at their best to try these again.  But even the California white peach was pretty darn tasty.

I imagine the apple was just as good.  Oh...and pears would be really good....and maybe plum.....or even mango......or.....

You can check out Jessica's blog for the recipe, but this one's pretty self explanatory.  Cut yourself about a 4" circle of puff pastry, put some fruit in the middle, sprinkle some brown sugar on top along with a couple of dots of butter and pop them into a 400 degree oven for about 25 minutes.  If you're feeling frisky sprinkle on some oats for a little texture and maybe a little cinnamon.  The possibilities are endless.

That's it.  Easiest.  Thing.  Evah.


  1. Your tartlets look fantastic! This recipe was fantastic, in part, because, like you said, it was so simple!!

  2. THis was probably the simplest recipe in the book but it was so good and elegant. All your tarts look great!

  3. Omg your subject line is hilarious! So easy a caveman can do it! HA HA! That commercial cracks me up! :D Your peach tartlets look yummy! (and I know you ate all 6 but your secret's safe with me. :P)