Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TWD - Honey Peach Ice Cream

If it's Father's Day weekend, it can only mean a few things in my life.

#1.  I'll once again have NO IDEA what to get my dad, which means he'll probably get exactly the same thing he got last year.  Sorry, Pop, but we all know you're impossible to buy for.  I could send you a tie, but I doubt you remember how to tie one.  Which means he'll get a phone call.

#2  That phone call will come on my way home for LA.  Yep every Father's Day weekend for the past several years I head to LA with my girlfriends.  Sounds like fun, you say?  A weekend in LA with the girls.  Ummmm, not exactly.  We're headed to Lower Alabama....Mobile to be exact.....to sweat our asses off playing two tennis matches a day in 100+ degree heat.  Yup.  And we're so stupid we REALLY look forward to it.

#3  But on the way home from LA, we all stop in Clanton, Alabama for the BEST peaches you've evah had.  I don't care what they say in Georgia.  Chilton County, Alabama peaches kick Georgia peach butt.

And they are exactly the peaches I used to make this week's TWD selection...Honey Peach Ice Cream as chosen by Tommi of Brown Interior.

I also used some Pure Alabama Honey.  Of course I did.

This just might be the best ice cream I've ever tasted.  I can't wait to get home with those peaches and make about 50 gallons of this.  Well I have to have some in the freezer the next time my Dad comes to visit!!

PS.  If you're at all interested in how my team fares this weekend, I'll be posting results here.  Wish us luck!!

Oh and make sure you head over to Tommi's site for the recipe.  It's the perfect summer treat!


  1. Wow, this looks excellent. I am so jealous of your beautiful peaches.

  2. Ooooh pure Alabama honey!? Looks so good! The ice cream looks great!

  3. Perfect ice cream! I hope you all play well this weekend. Can't wait for the recap!