Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuesdays with Dorie - Tiramisu Cupcakes

I know that this post is supposed to be about Lemon Tarts, but it's not.  I could go into a long explanation about how much I've been traveling and having no time to bake, but frankly, who would care?  So I'll just give you the short version.

I got home Monday afternoon from being gone for a week.  I knew I wanted to try to bake either last week's Tiramisu Cake or this week's tart (so I didn't get kicked to the curb).  I had a tennis match on Tuesday night and the girls love it when I bring them a treat, so I thought that turning the cake into cupcakes would make for a more transportable treat than a tart.

I know, whatever.

That's a picture of the revamped finished product.  Below are the "before" pictures!  Go ahead and have yourself a chuckle.  I cracked myself up while I was doing it.  I had never  used a piping bag (I'm sure that's not the technical name of that nasty thing) but I've watched Ina do it a thousand times.  Looked easy.

I tried starting simple and just making a spiral pattern.  Not successful.

Then I attempted those little star thingies.  Again, failure.

Then I just started squeezing the shit on and as you can see, I was good at that.

So, I just took a knife to them and repaired the damage.  Once I sprinkled the crushed espresso beans on top, no one was the wiser.

From here on out, I'm going to stick with great tasting desserts and leave the pretty part to the more talented!

Thanks to Megan of My Baking Adventures for the pick.  My tennis team loved them.

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  1. I think you did pretty good, actually. I hate when I have a vision of something and it comes out looking like crap. Happens all the time to me! Anyway, nice job on the cupcakes.