Saturday, April 4, 2009

A few BFF's and I headed to South Beach last week for what was intended to be a little sunshine and a little tennis watching at the Sony Ericcson.  Well, the sunshine was so wonderful (after all the rain we've been getting in Alabama) that the tennis watching never happened!

We stayed at our Exclusive Resort accommodations which are located in the Bath Club.  This is one of my favorite ER properties....I think this was about my seventh visit and we're going back again this year at Christmas.

I love starting here every morning with a cup of coffee and ending up here every evening with a glass of vino.

Other than men in speedo's...

and women in thong's

the view is fabulous.  Ocean and white sand.

So, like I said, we skipped the tennis and chose to spend three days lounging at the pool.  Y'all know that I love to look at the ocean, but I'm not swimming in anything that doesn't have a concrete bottom which worked out great because everyone else must have been at the beach.  

This guy was about the only thing we had to share the pool with all week.






And if it weren't for the salt water, seaweed, and fish, I would love to try this sometime while I'm there.  I guess it's windsurfing.  I don't know.  But it just looks like sooo much fun.

And the kites are so beautiful.

But I guess I'll just have to settle for watching them have all the fun!

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