Saturday, March 7, 2009

Davis Cup Action

Big happenings in little ole Birmingham, Alabama this weekend.  The most important international men's tennis event, the Davis Cup, came to town!  Exciting, right?

Well, exciting enough, I guess.  It would have been even more exciting if this guy would have shown  up.

Federer at the 2007 Cincinnati Masters

His pansy ass pulled out a couple of weeks ago with a "leg injury".  Whatev.  Just kiddin, R-Fed.  You know I lurve you, but I do wish you'd been in town this week so I could have stalked you.

So it was the U.S. of A.

(yes, I know the flag is's not my fault)

taking on a supposedly depleted Swiss team.  

Those old fogies in the box weren't the ones playing....serious bunch aren't they?  I think they actually look more like the emergency medical staff with those shirts, but I digress....

They brought their own cheering section which was a little weird to they all travel together???  Are these family members???  A tour group???  What else did they tour in Birmingham???  

Anyhoo....first up was James Blake

I have a couple of friends that are in serious L.O.V.E. with James.  He's alright, I guess, but I thought he was much hotter with the dreads.

James Blake's Curly Medium Hairstyle

I'm just sayin!

So,  he won the first set and seemed to be on a roll.  But in true JB fashion

he let Wawrinka back into the match

and spent the next three sets doing this

and mostly this

and Wawrinka ended up winning the match in four sets.

Which made these guys REALLY happy!

So the US is down 0-1 and next up is Andy "one slam" Roddick.  Too bad he had to play in the age of Federer and Nadal.  One slam is probably all he'll get.

Everybody loves Andy, though.  Especially my friend Laurie!!  She has one serious crush.

I think this lady does too!

I, too, like Andy (not love).  I just don't enjoy all his "tics" on the court.  There's the pulling the shirt sleeves incessantly, pacing the baseline with his head down,

and this little maneuver.  He does this allllllllll the time.

He does that almost as much as Nadal does this.....

They both may need to get some things checked out.  Seriously.

But the one thing Andy does well is to get the crowd fired up.

Which he did.  After winning the first two sets, the third went to a tiebreaker and Andy got 'em on their feet.

Well the Americans were on their feet....check out the Swiss dignitaries in the front row.  Not so enamored with A-Rod.  Or the dude to the left in the Swiss flag shirt.  Not feelin the Andy love either.

So with Andy's win, we're tied 1-1 going into today's doubles match.  

But we have these guys.

The chest-bumping, seven-time grand slam-winning, Bryan brothers.  

Unfortunately, I won't get to watch this one in person.  I'm heading to Cabo tomorrow morning and must pack the bags.

Good Luck USA!!

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