Tuesday, December 16, 2008

TWD - Buttery Jam Cookies

This being on time thing is starting to become a trend!

This was another one of those TWD selections that I wasn't excited about.  Another cookie recipe.  On top of all of the other cookie recipes.....TWD's and my own....that I've been baking lately.  But in the spirit of not being a party pooper, I participated.  

These are not cookies that anyone would beg you to make, or probably not the first cookie picked in a game of dodgeball (huh?) but once you try them, I guarantee you'll pick them the next time.  They're really good.  Light.  Kind of biscuity flaky....but moist.....and jammy.  And easy.

I used a pineapple-mango jam in mine and I think it paired well with the ginger.  When I tasted the first batch they seemed a little plain...good, but in need of a little boost.  Mostly for Mr. B's benefit.   I didn't think he'd eat these without icing, so I made an orange glaze and dipped half of them.

To my surprise, he liked the plain ones better....I liked the iced ones!  Who knew.  Since I'm the only one in the house this week, these went into the freezer.  In a moment of weakness yesterday, I snuck one.  They freeze great!

If you want the recipe you'll have to visit Heather's site, Randomosity and the Girl.  Thanks, Heather.

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  1. I definitely liked them more than I thought I would. I put them in the freezer for the Christmas cookie plates. Nice job.