Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuesdays (or whatever the hell day I need it to be) With Dorie

So sue me.

I was so not going to do this weeks assignment....Linzer Sables....basically because I read the title and my only thought was "WTF are Linzer Sables???".  Nothing about that said dessert to me.  Plus I've been royally pissed off (can you tell??) all week (more about that later) and was in no mood for baking something that didn't even sound good. But I'm all about honoring my commitments and the guilt finally overwhelmed me and I made the damn cookies (there, I think I've exhausted my entire repertoire of swear words).

It didn't start out well.  The BEST part of making cookies to me is sampling the dough....heck no, I'm not afraid of salmonella...I do not fear raw eggs.....but this was not good beater licking.  This was more like cracker dough.....not that I've ever made crackers....I'm just sayin.  The good part was that it was a very easy dough to put together.  The recipe called for either ground almonds, hazelnuts, or walnuts and since the only thing I had was almonds.....almonds it was.

I think I rolled out the first batch of dough a little thin....either that or just baked it a few minutes too long, because this is what came out of the oven....whatever.  

I corrected it on the second batch, then figured out that it wouldn't matter because I could cover up any overcooked ones with some confectioner's sugar!!  Holla!

The only jam I had in the house was apricot, so guess what??  That's what I used!  

That picture is my attempt at alluring food photography!  Hahahahaha!  I read all the other TWD posts and everyone has these professional pictures and mine always look like shit (I realized I hadn't used that one yet), so I put a little more effort into it.  Yeah....didn't work.  Again, whatev.

So, what about the taste of these little weirdo's.....not too bad actually.  Once you get the jam on them and some powdered sugar, they're digestable.  Would I make them again???  No, but I'm happy I won't be walking around with the guilt factor for a week.  Now, if I can only find someone to eat them.....

Thanks to Dennis of Living the Life for picking these.  Dennis lives in the Netherlands and I think he's the only male in TWD!!  Very cool.  Thanks Dennis.

Oh....I almost forgot.....I promised to tell you why I've been royally pissed off all week.  Well, I won't bore you with the details....the offending party knows who they are and they should check THIS.  And I'll just add this note.....don't expect the "parole board" to be releasing you anytime soon.

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