Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Where to start?  Football?  OK.  Well, I thought TP had his freshman "coming-out" party for the Buckeyes yesterday.  He responded well to the disappointing loss to PSU (where he blamed himself) and came out yesterday with something to prove.  It also looked like maybe Tress loosened some of the strings and gave him a little more room to do what it is he does.....which yesterday, was make plays.  And can I just say that the run by Beanie in the second quarter which he finished with a wicked stiff arm to get into the end zone was Heisman material.  


What could have been if he had remained healthy.....we'll never know.

And then we witnessed Penn State's debacle.  All they had to do was beat Iowa.  Couldn't get it done.  Who know's how long Paterno will stick around now.  It does open the door for the Bucks to win the Big 10, or at least a share, but it puts our chances of the Rose Bowl at risk.  We'll just have to see how it all plays out.

I don't have much to say about Mr. B's team.  How much longer can Charlie Weis keep his job???  With no Tom Brady to make you look good.....I'm just sayin.

And how good was Texas Tech?  I thought they may have trouble with back to back big games, but they silenced any doubts.  They have Oklahoma up next and if they can pull that off.....again, just sayin.

This will piss off all of my Alabama friends, but frankly, I'm still not on this bandwagon.  If LSU had something other than a high-school quarterback, that game would have been over early.

And, the last time I checked, Florida's QB is pretty good.  If Bama beats the Gators in Atlanta, I might (??) believe.  Until then, I'm still skeptical.

Looks to me like the title game will be the winner of the SEC championship game and the winner of the Big 12 Championship game (whoever comes out of the South).  I think USC with their one loss, will be left out (hopefully to meet us in Pasadena!!).  But, hey, everyone who reads this knows I'm always wrong!!

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