Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Time Warp

I was all excited about today.  We had planned on spending the day exploring Cape Cod and all that it had to offer......which we soon found out was not much.  This place is in a time warp.....the blue eyeshadow type of time warp (it's worn in great abundance)  I was expecting beautiful oceanside communities with Kennedy types hanging out everywhere.  I saw NO ONE that even remotely resembled a Kennedy and there wasn't any structure that remotely resembled beautiful.  Hyannis reminded me of Pigeon Forge....only worse....if that's possible.  Tacky and touristy.

I'm bummed.

So we just headed back to Newport.  But we were starving so we stopped at this 5 Star establishment "The Aqua Grill" right on the harbor in the ever progressive town of Sandwich, Mass.   Yes, Virginia, there is a town named "Sandwich".  My female 'rent tried to tell me all about the historic things that happened in Sandwich, but frankly, I just didn't care.  I can tell you what hasn't happened in Sandwich, and that's any type of move toward the 21st century.  My day was a bust.

Tell me Boston will be better tomorrow.                                                                                       

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