Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Northeast Wine

While I knew that more and more wine is being produced in the U.S. outside of the Pacific Northwest, I hadn't really spent any time tasting much of it.  I did visit a very cool wine shop in Soho in NYC once that specialized in the wines of New York State, but that's about the extent of my experience.

So after our visit to Newport on Monday, we stopped here on our way back home and did a little tasting.  While none of the wines thrilled me, I did run across a couple of varietals that were new to me.

Have y'all heard of Seyval Blanc before??  Or Vidal Blanc??  Me, either!!  Both are grapes better suited to colder climates like here in the Northeast, but are grown as far south as Virginia.  Click on the links to educate yourself!!

That's all I can teach you go have a glass of wine!

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