Thursday, October 2, 2008

Miscellaneous Shizzle

I'm headed north tomorrow morning.  I try to avoid this at all costs....unless it's for pleasure....and most of this trip is.  I'm heading to Mr. B's (and mine) house in Meeechigan tomorrow for a couple of days, and then we are heading to Newport, Rhode Island for a week with the 'rents....mine.

Since this is the first I've been to the Michigan house in about five months, I'll probably do some cooking for the husband.  The last time I stocked his freezer was last January and he's been cooking for himself for the past several months!  He's got mad skills in the kitchen, but he doesn't hold a candle to me!!  I'll make him some of my killer chili...maybe some chicken parm....a little Bolognese sauce for his pasta....just basically fill his freezer.  Whatever I can get done on Saturday morning before the Buckeye's come on Saturday night!  It'll earn me some shopping points!


On Sunday, we're headed to one of our Exclusive Resorts houses in Newport, RI for a week of relaxation, beautiful foliage (hopefully) and some cool Fall weather!

We are staying at the beautiful Carnegie Abbey Club just outside of Newport and I'm looking forward to being the quintessential "tourist".  I've never been further east than NYC so I'm hoping to spend some time in Boston, Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, etc.  I'm also planning on seeing the Tennis Hall of Fame....I know I can get the 'rents to join me there!

I'll be posting pictures and travelogues all week!!  I know you're excited!!


The Barefoot Blogger's have posted the recipes for October.....Butternut Squash Risotto and Vegetable Pot Pie.....hmmmmm.  When I first read these choices, I was a little luke warm, but I'm kind of getting excited.  I'm not making any commitments about the Butternut Squash Risotto, since I'll be in RI that week, but my intention is to try to get it made.  I'll have my favorite soux the kitchen to help.  It will just depend on whether I can get all of the ingredients in a strange city.  Ironically, as I was watching my TIVO'd Barefoot Contessa episodes today, one of them was of this recipe, and it didn't actually look that difficult. hope is to get this one made while I'm in RI.  


I'm typing this post as I sit here watching Thursday night College's actually half-time....and I just had to listen to predictions from "Dr." Lou and that complete ass-wipe, Mark May.....have I ever mentioned that I think ESPN should fire him...IMMEDIATELY.  He's such a.........I can't say something nice, so.....

In this weekend's games, Dr. Lou picked Alabama over KY (Mark didn't), Ohio State over Wisconsin (dip-shizzle didn't concur) and Notre Dame over Stanford (umm, he agreed with this one...).  My spine curdles when Mr. May speaks.


So, I think that's all I have to wax poetic on at this moment.  I'll be shouting at y'all from the great North-Northeast over the next 10 days!

Go Bucks!!

I'm out.

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