Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Maybe they're not everything they seem!!


So, I'm doing my regular internet reading this morning and I head over to Buckeye Banter for the latest on my team....they're always right on top of things....and they have a little preview of the mighty Nittany Lions of Penn State.

Here's exactly what we have to be scared of this weekend.....

*  Since their admittance into the Big 10, Penn State is 0-7 in the 'Shoe.

*  While PSU is 8-0, only Oregon State and Illinois have winning records (both 4-3)

*  The combined record of their opponents is 22-35

And just to rub some salt in the wound....

*  Since 2002, 46 PSU players have faced 163 criminal charges

*  27 players have been convicted of or have plead guilty to a combined 45 counts!

OK...those last two points were probably unnecessary (but fun) to prove my point   of "Who really have the Lions played thus far?"  The "experts" seem to think they're the next team to be admitted into the SEC....that is until Ohio State beats them on Saturday, then it will be the same ole, same ole.....well if THE Ohio State University can beat them, they must not be that good.


I"M NOT SAYIN that we'll win, I"M JUST SAYIN we might!

Go Bucks

(and thanks Buckeye Banter for the info)

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