Thursday, October 2, 2008

I LOVE my team!!

I want to give a little "love" to my awesome Softcourt tennis team.  This is just a fabulous group of women that have allowed me to be their captain for the past several years....and I love them.  Every year that they "allow" us to stay together, we win.  When we win three seasons in a row....they break us up (and we come in second!!! hehehehe) then we get back together...and win, AGAIN.  I really can't say enough about this group and how truly wonderful they are.  Most of these fabulous tennis players could go to any other team in the city and play, if not one...two courts higher, than on this team.....but, since we are so strong from top to bottom, they agree to play lesser competition....with a smile on their face....for our TEAM.  

We won our match today 15-1....and I'll say right here...that "1" was TOTALLY my fault.  I was a load for my partner to carry in our first set today....couldn't hit the ball over the net to save me....but she stuck with me and we won our second set.  Thanks, V-Nut.

Here are some pics of our kick-buttocks singles players....they almost always give us doubles players a 8-0 lead...makes our lives easy! ya!  And thanks for putting up with me!

Thats Leslie
and Patti Ann

Sorry Kerry....I was so close to your court, I didn't want to distract you by taking your picture!!  I'll get you next time!

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